Streamlined Integration
with Commerce Cloud for Improved eCommerce in China

GLOSKU enables faster and easier integrations to reach leading markets in China. We’ll handle the leg work while you simply conduct business as usual.

Client-Focused Solutions

GLOSKU is based around our clients. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, real client feedback, and years of hands-on experience in cross-border eCommerce, we’ve developed robust integrations with Commerce Cloud that are embedded with powerful features.

GLOSKU offers robust integrations with SalesForce CloudCommerce
Streamlined setup with SalesForce CloudCommerce

Streamlined Setup

Quickly and easily add GLOSKU to Commerce Cloud for China eCommerce. Enjoy uninterrupted workflow - you don’t have to change a thing!

QR Code Checkouts

Empower clients to quickly access and checkout on a mobile APP version of your shop, no app downloads required!
Mobile checkouts for Chinese eCommerce
Guaranteed duties & taxes for China

Guaranteed Duties & Taxes

We integrate with China Customs to calculate and guarantee duties & taxes at checkout for each order. In addition to our guarantee, we enable our clients to enjoy preferential import tax rates.

360° Synchronization

For your products and orders, GLOSKU provides full-spectrum synchronization. In turn, you’ll be able to understand customer trends and data with full transparency.
Seamless synchronization with SalesForce CloudCommerce
China eWallet and ePayment integrations

eWallet Integration

In China, eWallets like Alipay and WeChat Pay are essential to online purchases. GLOSKU easily connects these to your Commerce Cloud and China APP.

Uninterrupted Tracking

No matter where your products are, GLOSKU synchronizes your logistics information to Commerce Cloud.
Door to door tracking of every order
Cross-border regulation and tax compliance guarenteed

Cross-Border Compliance

GLOSKU ensures that your orders clear customs in China with ease, utilizing our AI classification technology to ensure absolute compliance with rules and regulations.

Get Started Today

When you use GLOSKU, you’ll have international shipping, preferential duties & taxes, localized checkout integration, and more connected directly to Commerce Cloud. Partner with us today for easy and effective cross-border eCommerce integration.