Where to start as an DTC brand in the Chinese e-commerce market

There is no shortage of financial gurus that predict China’s economy will soon overtake the US. Regardless of whether that prediction comes true or not, China still has the world’s largest eCommerce economy making it an attractive market.

The best way for direct-to-consumer (DTC) and boutique brands from the US, Australia, and Europe to reach Chinese consumers is to use modern supply chain channels that enable brands from overseas to create an extension of their e-shops in China.

Companies such as GLOSKU are already pioneering the way for DTC and boutique brands to reach Chinese consumers by creating a system that breaks down all the barriers to entry into China. 

By using localized marketing techniques such as ‘social commerce’ and ‘decentralized sales’ techniques used by already successful Chinese DTC brands, GLOSKU is one example of an eComm platform that helps overseas brands eradicate investment costs and many of the other barriers to entry so SMBs can successfully reach Chinese consumers.