Backed by hands-on experience, our dedicated team at GLOSKU helps brands establish a dominant eCommerce presence in China. Unlike other platforms, we enable you with the ability to sell on multiple platforms with one integration. Discover new possibilities for your brand by partnering with GLOSKU today.

GLOSKU helps brands establish a dominant eCommerce presence in China.

We measure success based on the growth and profitability of our clients, ensuring a smooth end-to-end experience every time.

GLOSKU offers localized check-outs with seamless integrations

Full-Spectrum Support

Our innovative platform is client-centric, offering unparalleled ease-of-use. Our technology uses localized checkouts that are seamlessly integrated with your current setup to access a potential customer base of 1.2 billion people in China. From your perspective, however, orders are centralized. In turn, you can conduct business the way that you normally do. Here’s what you can expect from GLOSKU:
  • Native mobile APPs and checkouts that accelerate your expansion into China
  • Orders through popular local platforms like WeChat, Alipay, RED, Baidu, and more
  • One simple dashboard that synchronizes your orders
  • Versatile integratons with global eCommerce platforms

Global Logistics Infrastructure

Cross-border logistics Infrastructure for every retailer
GLOSKU combines software and hardware to provide a streamlined logistics experience for both the buyer and the merchant. We partner with the region's largest logistics carriers and integrate directly with China Customs to provide all parties with a flawless shipping experience. Our global hubs offer you the ability to sell globally and fulfill locally.

Enhanced Sales and Profitability

By entrusting GLOSKU, you’ll have the infrastructure, experience, and support you need to effortlessly expand your sales into China. With our competitive rates and comprehensive software, we offer a unique opportunity to streamline your sales while boosting overall profitability.

If you’re ready to fast-track your success by expanding eCommerce sales in China, get started with GLOSKU today.

Ready for a smooth expansion to the Chinese market?